Augustine, in particular, had me in stitches; she does some priceless physical work, such as a moment where she is supremely awkward when trying to function in a maid’s apron.

Ilana Lucas

The Gut Girls

Then there’s Alexandra Augustine as Dockdaisy and her audacity in the false start where she brings the opening number to a screeching halt looking for Givola as she needs to, uh … “service him” before the show, her sex kitten song voice, and then her lingerie-clad body used as a writing table. That woman is…something else.

Samantha Wu

The Resitible Rise of Arturo Ui

I was little further away from Augustine (maybe five feet), but she held her own as well in such an intimate setting. So, I don’t mean to judge your life, but I know you have 15 minutes. Why don’t get yourself down to this shed and see two strong performers hash out some ancient affairs?

Christina Kostoff


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